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Full stack problem solver with a passion for simplicity. Personal site:

In the Venture CTO Series, I’m going to share what I have learned via my 3+ years of experience of being a venture CTO. I’ll talk about technology, management and…

This post is part of “JavaScript Tips” series, mostly based on my learnings and observations of code review. They all come with real world examples (calling real API instead of faking functions) and working CodeSandbox demo.

I have seen a lot of cases in code review that multiple promises is not well written in JavaScript or TypeScript. Depend on your use case, it’s relatively simple as below.

Run Promises in Sequence — use await/async with for loop

If you need to run promises in sequence, one after another, you can use for loop, but you’ll have to use await, so that each iteration will actually wait till promise is resolved…


这里是任 我行系列第1篇.

最近去了趟Kenneth Hahn Trail, 感觉还不错, 里面有山有水有乌龟, 还有可以鸟瞰全LA的view point.

它其实是在一个很大的公园里面, 那个公园就叫 Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area. 来LA这么久, 没想到在City中间还有这么一大块公园, 里面有山有水的.

Based my experience with Nginx and PCI compliance scan, there are few things you need to setup to make sure it passes the PCI compliance:

  1. Disable TLSv1 (this is not…

Recently my company offered some stipend to enhance the work from home experience and I decided to buy a 49" monitor to increase the productivity. When it arrived, I realized I could not turn on native 5120x1440 resolution by default. I tried almost every link on Google results: Reddit, Github, MacRumors, Apple Support, Amazon Reviews (even for different monitors) etc and I finally found a working solution that works for both AMD GPU 15" MacBook Pro and Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU 12" MacBook.

I tried almost every link on Google results

My Hardware/OS

  • 15" MacBook Pro 2017 with Radeon Pro 560 Video Card + macOS Catalina version 10.15.7
  • 12"…

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